Meet an Intellezy Team Member

Meet: Matt Cefali, Video Producer

Favorite Program and Why: I’m a big fan of Photoshop. Any person out there with a camera or even a phone can find a use for Photoshop. Besides using it for work purposes, I love retouching photos and adding vignettes to really bring photos to life.

Favorite Adobe Premiere Function: In Premiere Pro 2018, the program allows you to have multiple projects open simultaneously. This is a feature that wasn’t available until recently. It’s a great option if you work with “template” projects or “effects” projects. It really helps me stay organized while editing.

Favorite Keyboard Shortcut: In Premiere, my favorite shortcut is the \ key (right above the enter key). This is the “Zoom to Sequence” key. What this does is bring your entire sequence into frame so you can view the whole sequence from beginning to end. If you press it again it will zoom to your cursor. This is especially useful when working on sequences that are very long and elaborate.



Favorite Movie:  If I’m in the mood for something serious, I’d say Shawshank Redemption is my all-time favorite film. The writing, acting, and directing is as good as it gets. As far as comedies go, I could watch Superbad or The Hangover every day.

Favorite Book:  I enjoy pretty much anything by Harlan Coben – “Tell No One” and “Caught” being my 2 favorites.

Favorite Restaurant:  Rudy’s Café in Somerville – Best nachos and fish tacos around. I love authentic Mexican food (and margaritas of course).

Which historical figure would you most want to meet and why: I’d love to sit down and talk with Thomas Edison. It would be fascinating to hear what he has to say about current advancements in technology. I’d love to hear what ideas he has about photography and videography in our day and age considering what he was able to accomplish during his time.

Tell us something interesting about yourself:  I’m a big sports fan. I’ve been lucky enough to attend 2 Super Bowls to see the Patriots play. Other than that, I love spending time down the Cape with my family during the summer months.


New Course Release: American Sign Language

There are between 250,000 to 500,000 native speakers of American Sign Language (ASL), which is the primary sign language of deaf communities in the US and Canada. (

Intellezy has just released a course with over 2 hours of videos to help you learn ASL. This course will give you an overview of the origins of the language, the alphabet and fingerspelling, colors, animals, foods and drinks, family signs, feelings, professions, verbs and key nouns. There will also be opportunities for practicing vocabulary and sentences. At the end of the course, students will be able to demonstrate a short story in ASL.

Here is a sample from our ASL course on the signs for animals:

Meet the Instructor: Pam Conway


Favorite application and why: I love Outlook.  First, I think it’s a great program that is very intuitive and feature-rich, but I think my love of it goes back to my earliest experiences.  I had to teach the first version of it to a client who was going to be an early adopter.  They were so early, however, there were no training manuals, no websites with much information, basically nothing.  I had the online help and 24 hours before I had to give my first seminar on it.   

Favorite Excel Function:  I was an English major, I don’t have a favorite function, lol.  Although, I do find creating nested IF statements very satisfying.   

Favorite keyboard shortcut: I have two actually.  I love CTRL + A to select all and it works in so many places across Office, but in terms of being a huge lifesaver when you need it, I love ALT + drag in Word and Outlook to select text vertically! 

Favorite movie:  Picking a favorite movie is tough.  It really depends on my mood, but I’d have to go with The Sound of Music.  It consistently seems to make my top 10 list.  Although, there’s also Raising Arizona, The Philadelphia Story, Star Wars… I better stop!   

Favorite book:  I am an avid reader and there are so many books I’ve enjoyed, but none can seem to unseat an early childhood favorite:  Jane Eyre. 

Favorite restaurant:  Right now my favorite is Wink and Nod in Boston.  They have an interesting concept going.  Modeled after a modern speakeasy, the bar focuses on craft cocktails, but the kitchen is a popup restaurant with different chefs and different cuisines rotating through every six months. 

Which historical figure would you most want to meet and why:  I would like to meet my great, great, great, grandfather, George Conway.  He was a spy in the Union army.  He was captured and interned at the notorious Confederate prison, Andersonville.  Somehow he survived and went on to testify at the military tribunal of Henry Wirz, commandant of the prison camp.   

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I love really, really cold weather!  Winter is my happy time. 

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