How Microsoft Office Helps This Working Parent

  1. OneNote- Remember back in Junior High carrying around spiral notebooks for each subject matter? Blue book for History, red for Math, yellow for social studies? I LOVED all that organization and the color-coding. Well, BOOM, fast forward to 2018 and OneNote gives you ALL that organization for your work and personal life! And thanks to the Internet gods you can access it anywhere anytime with a mobile device. Say WHAT? WORKING MOM’S DREAM! All my notes accessible on my phone and the ability to add more after that unforeseen phone call during pick up? #Winning!

To learn more about OneNote and see it in action, click here:

  1. PowerPoint Slides Master- I am in Sales, so I make a lot of PowerPoint presentations. The Slide Master has saved me from hours–and I mean hours–of frustration as it allows you to format all of your slides at once. No more putting the kids to bed and opening my laptop to fix those slides…Slide Master, the complaints were heard and now answered. Amen.

To learn more about the Slide Master and see it in action, click here:

  1. Outlook Notes- Boy, can I tell you how many times I have almost forgotten to refill the dog’s medicine if it wasn’t for the sticky note pasted on my screen? Now instead of actual sticky notes, I use Outlook Notes which is the same thing, but in digital format! It’s a great way to help remind me to do little tasks that I endure as a parent that otherwise would have been forgotten about!

To learn more about Notes and see it in action, click here:

  1. Skype For Business- Being a working parent means balancing work life with kids’ schedules. Got a sick kid? I bet you are working from home that day, but that doesn’t mean work life stops. Skype for Business allows me to have flexibility and not skip a beat. Working from home with Skype for Business means I can be part of all those in-person meetings. I can view all documents being shared, collaborate on the whiteboard, and even present myself on video to feel as if I am right there in the room.

To learn more about Skype for Business and see it in action, click here:

  1. OneDrive- This cloud-based storage systems allows me to access all my files any time from any device with an Internet connection. The stress of lugging my laptop around along while carrying a 40 lb toddler to an unforeseen doctor’s visit is no longer! Got a deadline to send out a contract that conflicts with your doctor’s appointment? Log into OneDrive on your phone, and then edit or coauthor your document and share it with your client–it’s that easy. I guarantee the hardest part of that doctor’s appointment will be your toddler.

To learn more about OneDrive and see it in action, click here:

By Pam Dumont


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