Why is Development a necessary part of Training?

by Ryan Stebbins, Training Specialist                                              

When most of us hear the phrase Training and Development, we can instantly recall some of our worst corporate training experiences. Whether it was a day-long workshop on strategies which were never implemented or a mandatory training on software which no one was invested in, we’ve all had our fair share of disappointing trainings.

Now that we’ve taken a not-so-happy trip down memory lane, think about some of the BEST training experiences you’ve had in your career. What made those experiences stick out from the rest? Odds are it had to with the Development portion of Training and Development.

While Training is what ultimately teaches us new skills and knowledge, Development is long-term and ensures we hold on to our learned information. Where Training is focused on satisfying an immediate or present job task, Development is focused on growth and future performance. In other words – Training is nothing without Development.

In order to create worthwhile training initiatives, the learning can’t end when individuals leave the room or walk away from the computer. One way to ensure that a training is useful is to check in with participants at a later point in time to see if their learning has stuck. Make sure you’re training on relevant topics which will be used constantly in your work environment. This will allow for continuous development of skills outside of the classroom or away from the computer. Another way to make a training more beneficial is simply to engage your participants. While this may seem like common sense, many trainings eventually devolve into a lecture, and we all remember how much (or how little) we learned in boring classes. Finally, make sure you touch on the big questions: What are we training on? How do we implement/use it? And why should we care? You’d be surprised how often these questions are overlooked!

Ultimately, it is up to participants in a training to utilize the information provided to them, but a trainer has the control to convey that information in a way that facilitates individual development. Next time you provide training, or are trained yourself, think about whether you are giving, or have been given, an opportunity to improve after the session is over. Engineer your training and your learning so as not to neglect your development.

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Leave it to the Diva: Why Subject Matter Experts, well, MATTER…

We seek knowledge everywhere and obviously, want to learn from the best. One of the things I love about Intellezy is the caliber of trainers we have available. Subject matter experts who bring a wealth of practical and applicable knowledge delivered in easily digestible chapters. It’s important to know where to go to get the best.  As a mom, I think I know tons but really, I’m learning every day.  And I have definitely learned how important it is to have an expert on hand. Just ask my kids.

My Elsie is a fashion diva.  She is 8 years old and knows EXACTLY what one needs to wear to look sparkle-rific. And yes, that is, in fact, a word in our world. And in our house, it is a mandatory requirement of anything that kid puts on. When we were school shopping this year, she rejected many outfits for being too blah, no sparkle, no glitter, and when pressed why they wouldn’t do, I was told “There is just no LIFE to them, Mommy.  Listen you just gotta trust me. I KNOW fashion ok?”  I said “All right dude. I won’t suggest anything else. Here is your budget. I’ll just pay.” And 3 hours later, we left the mall with bags full of everything an 8-year-old fashion maven with an eye for sequins, sparkle and zebra prints could ever want. Of course, not one thing matched, but that little girl was the happiest kid on the planet.

The teenager was no easier.  I tried the same approach to try and steer him away from $69 completely ripped jeans and Thrasher t-shirts but the response was a simple “Mom, seriously? This IS totally what people wear.” So with new renditions of basically the same black clothes he wore last year, we headed home.

Now if you have kids, you know that school clothes shopping is supposed to be getting “outfits” that you can wear for the first 3 days and then go right back to the old stuff. But hearing my mother in my head, I tried to get my daughter to get pieces. However, the rationale of having a few pairs of pants and several shirts you can mix and match along with practical shoes for the playground and gym class is lost on a child obsessed with wearing every glitter shirt from Justice with a kitten on it, all the outfits from Disney’s Descendants and of course, fingerless lace gloves that “everyone in school who is cool is wearing.” And don’t even try it with a teenager.  I mean dude, we know NOTHING.

But really, I am a 46 years old mom of 2 who seeks the cleanest sweatpants in my clothes pile. Who am I to speak fashion? I remember being them. I was obsessed with shoulder pads, paisley sweaters and stirrup pants. My hair feathered just like Blair’s on the Facts of Life and I rocked the blue eyeshadow.  I was like, totally outrageous when I pulled into school in my two-toned Monte Carlo.

So this old lady will just leave today’s fashion to the experts: my kids. I will happily stay with my Spanx and $14.99 billowy “hide my pooch” tops from Marshalls and let the kids rock their looks.  When you want to know how it’s done, just follow the lead of the experts and you will do fine.

Elsie and Jax rocking their looks.

Be brave, be awesome and smile whenever possible.
Kristen Teixeira

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