How working for Walt Disney made me a better employee.

Here at Intellezy we focus on getting companies and employers to invest in career development training for their employees. There is an old adage from the legendary Zig Ziglar, “The only thing worse than training an employee and having them leave, is to NOT train them, and have them stay.” When employers invest in upgrading their employee’s skills, they may wonder if they are training them for the next company in their career.  But studies show that an employee who feels invested in, valued and heard will give back markedly increased effort and commitment and is more likely to stay. I believe this is 100% true.

One of my favorite jobs in my career was working for Disney Animation in California for a short-lived movie called WildLife. Becoming part of the Disney family was a dream come true for me and I almost lost my mind the first day of training when they informed me that part of joining the Walt Disney Company was traditional animation training. I was the assistant to the Associate Producer. My job was sitting at a desk keeping budgets and production pipelines organized. Never did I dream I’d get to learn on the job! Now, straight up, I can’t draw to save my life, but the sheer excitement of getting to learn how to draw and animate characters was outer limits! For the first week of my new job, I would attend a class in the morning where I learned to draw faces and then characters.  We toured the main lot and saw Walt Disney’s original animation studios where we learned about the many layers of cells it took to create a cartoon character’s movement. Between the physical drawing and the historical knowledge, I fell in love with my company. Each week we would pile into a theater for “dailies”, the rough animations of upcoming movies and sometimes, I was asked to help with character voices and even input my ideas into a few story sessions. I felt like I was part of something BIG. I was totally invested in my job and wanted to work hard to put my company on top.

Receiving the training that helped me understand what my company did, the history of it, created my ownership of its success. It allowed me to participate more in meetings and feel comfortable adding input occasionally because I understood more.  It taught me more about the functions of the production pipeline which made me a bigger asset to my boss. And there were always opportunities available to learn more if I wanted to, all adding to the feeling of being valued.  Look at what my company was offering me so that I could have more skills! I felt like I was encouraged to learn more since it benefited me as well as my boss, and I brought that enthusiasm and loyalty back to my desk.

When employers invest in training their staff, they add confidence to the employee and obviously, increased skill knowledge. But it’s more than that.  Frankly, it shows they care about having the best employee around… YOU… and that’s going to make anyone feel good!

Yours truly, back in the Disney days, surrounded by lots of cool animation and my fun goodbye poster from some amazing folks!

Be brave, be awesome and smile whenever possible.
Kristen Teixeira

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