I was raised believing that to be able to live a truly full life you need to find a career you love that will allow you a way to always be giving back. I have absolutely found that career at Intellezy and I have been creating space in my life to give back in different ways since I was a teenager. I am always struck in job interviews and on the job encounters when someone finds out things that I have done; it inevitably opens up a new conversation and creates a different kind of positive relationship. Using the knack I have for organizing, team building, and social gathering has allowed me to do more than my 9-5 by giving back in ways that utilize my skills.

I love to organize and keep a team of workers moving in a positive direction. I also love basketball. I am not very good at playing it, but I love to watch it and understand the basics. So, when I was approached to be an Assistant Coach for a Special Olympics basketball program, I jumped at the chance!  What a way to combine everything I love. Later, when the kids were little and coaching was tough to add to the schedule, I decided to form a team for a 3-day fundraiser walk as a way to get back in shape and still be part of something.  I organized training walks and fundraisers and team events, and we raised a ton of money and completed 60 miles of walking as a team! These days, between working and running around for the kids, I am pressed for time and discretionary funds so I found an organization close to my heart that is moving into my area and needs to start building brand awareness and reaching out.  I am thrilled to be able to use my social media and speaking skills to help them.

So, think about the skills you have outside of just the ones you use daily at your job.  How can you use these skills to help others?  Make of list of what you’re good at, from cooking to accounting and everything in between.  Next, make a list of things you care about and want to help with, local to globally, then offer your gifts as a way to make the world a better place!

We all work really hard and between our families and commitments there is often little time for anything else, but if we can find a way to use the skills that bring in our paychecks to benefit others, we can grow our resumes and fill our hearts!

Coach headed off to the Special Olympics dance with some of my favorite North Shore Jazz players!

Be brave, be awesome and smile whenever possible.
Kristen Teixeira

*Got the basics down?  Awesome!  Try our intermediate and advanced courses and keep building your skills so you can help others!

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