I have been working in the entertainment industry in some form or fashion since I was 13 years old. I started in summer stock theater backstage, did public relations, ticket sales, and performing. In college, I was involved in stage production as well as event planning for a 3000-seat venue. After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles and started working at a talent agency, then at a music company, then for an A-list producer, and then finally at a movie studio. I don’t say all this to brag (though come on, my career has been COOL) but rather to highlight the one thing that was consistent about almost every single job… REALLY TOUGH BOSSES. (Yes, a few were amazing!) The entertainment industry is not for the faint of heart and you must develop a thick skin quickly or it will eat you up and spit you out. To be perfectly frank, agents, producers, directors, etc. are under tremendous pressure, and often have egos and totally unrealistic expectations of what a human being can do. But when you work with music and movie stars on million dollar deals that will be seen all over the world, the stars in your eyes can make it all feel worthwhile.

So with tough bosses in a tough industry, how did I stay successful? Well, growing up, there was this giant paperclip on my dad’s work desk with a plaque on it that said “Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your way,” and that has been my motto since I started working. Magic words, I assure you. There were many times I had to stand up for myself with a boss. There were also many times when I had to take a deep breath and, like Elsa. say “let it go.” I had to learn skills that allowed me to take “feedback” constructively, sifting through emotion – theirs and mine – and hear the real issue at hand so I could respond professionally and walk away unscathed and hopefully, with a plan for improvement. It wasn’t easy but it was necessary. Staying in a positive place and focusing on the real meat and potatoes of any issue is crucial to workplace success.

Ya’ll thought I was kidding! Here it is. Words to live by from my dad’s desk.

Be brave, be awesome and smile whenever possible.
Kristen Teixeira

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How to break bad habits with Intellezy

by Pamela Dumont, Channel Partner Manager

Habits can be good or bad, and I am one to have a fair amount of bad habits. Examples include: not folding laundry, eating something called “lunch dessert,” and using Ummm as a filler word. Eeeek! On the flipside, I do have some good habits as well. I floss my teeth, I work out, and take my vitamins on the daily.

Habits are hard to break, and habits are hard to develop. What I have learned is that to break or to develop habits takes time. You can’t overcome them all at once. For any changes to occur, you need to be specific on what you are going to change, and practice it consistently, until one day it just flows.

How do habits and Intellezy training relate? Intellezy’s content helps you break out of old habits and develop new habits, especially when it comes Microsoft Office products. If you are like me and have been using Microsoft Office since the early 2000s, you probably have picked up some bad habits along the way. Maybe you learned a specific skill from the very beginning, and although you may have been shown new tricks along the way, you never took the time to really learn them and implement them. For example, we all know that coworker who uses space bar instead of Tab to indent a paragraph, or the sales or marketing person who doesn’t take advantage of slide master in PowerPoint so the slides match, or my personal favorite, as someone who reads and edits contracts and agreements, the person who manually uses strikethroughs instead of track changes in Word. STOP THE INSANITY PEOPLE!

Want to do these people (or yourself) a huge favor so they get with 2019? Refer them to Intellezy to help them STOP performing skills from the early 2000’s! As humans, we need to break down our training in smaller segments to aid us in our learning process, and we also need constant reinforcement to remember that learned behavior. On top of this, we need to make the effort to practice this new skill each day to make it a habit. This is why I love Intellezy’s content. It is broken down into micro-lessons, so you can just quickly reference what was taught and go back to it when you need to refresh your memory in just a couple of minutes. You then can implement and apply those new skills each day making your daily work routine more efficient. So make 2019 the year you take the challenge and ask yourself “What is outdated in my Microsoft Office skill set?” and change it! Learn the new skill, practice it each day until it becomes a habit, and then move on. Before you know it, those new skills will make you the Microsoft Office superstar you were always meant to be.

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