Stop! 5 Reasons to Send Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as PDFs Instead

Have you ever sent a Word or Excel document to a client only to have it display incorrectly on their machine? Or did you ever have someone edit or delete part of the document by mistake? PDFs capture your documents as seen on your screen and keep them from being easily changed. With the free Acrobat Reader DC software, PDFs are universal and can be viewed on any computer or device exactly.

  1. It’s easy in MS Office. Simply go to File > Export, select Create PDF/XPS, and then select the Create PDF/XPS button. Select Standard or Minimum Size, and click Publish. An added bonus is that the file size is smaller.
  2. Add security in Word by selecting Options before you publish. Select Encrypt a document with a password and type in a password before you publish.*
  3. Your recipients can markup, take notes, and add comments to the PDF without changing the original. Select Tools > Comments and use the markup toolbar to annotate and make corrections.
  4. PDFs are completely searchable. Your readers can press Ctrl (Cmd) + F for a quick search, or Shift + Ctrl (Cmd) + F for an advanced search.
  5. Convert PDFs back to Word by opening the PDF in Word. Depending on how the PDF was made and what security is present, Word will do its best to turn the PDF in to an editable document.

So, make it a habit to create a PDF before sending or posting that Word report, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation. Life might get easier.

* Additional options are available in Acrobat Reader DC with a subscription.

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By Carol Marion