Where did my Windows 10 Sticky Notes go?

I keep bits of information on those little, virtual, yellow pieces of paper called Sticky Notes. Books I want to read, the company color numbers, to do lists, the name of that person I need to contact (but can never remember how to spell their name), and other flotsam of my daily life.

After the latest Windows 10 update, I had only three stickies left. OH NO. I could recreate some of the data, but where was I in that list of updates I had to complete by Friday? When researching the problem, I discovered not only how to recover those missing bits of information, but also where the deleted ones (by mistake) live.

  1. Type Sticky in the search bar and select Notes list.
  • Hover over the date, click Menu (…) and select Open note.

You can also delete old, out-of-date notes to clean up the list. Or, search for a particular bit of information.

By Carol Marion

The Importance of a Lab Environment

When you are learning a new technical skill, being able to practice in a simulated lab environment can be enormously helpful.

Microsoft offers an array of free hands-on lab environments:


Here you’ll find instructor-led labs and self-paced labs to help sharpen your skills on topics such as Azure Data Migration Services or SQL Server.

Other companies, such as Oracle (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/systems/hands-on-labs/ovm-1908457.html) offer similar lab environments as well.

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